Really, we're not kidding - we can't work this one out.

Well, no, that's not true. We can't discern any other reason why Stanley Tucci would go back for another Transformers movie EXCEPT for picking up an easy paycheque. That part's completely understandable. Outside of the money, not a clue. There's just no way anyone would get wrapped up in Michael Bay's continued destruction of your childhood unless there was a fat, stinking, sweaty pile of cash at the end of it.

Friends, let's not judge Stanley Tucci too harshly. We all remember how good he was in Road To Perdition. We know he's a brilliant actor because we just need to look at something like Margin Call or The Lovely Bones or even something like Bojack Horseman to know that what he's capable of.

So yes, let's not deride Stanley Tucci for working the Hollywood system like countless others have before him. He's doing one for them so he can do one for himself and, conversely, us.

We got you, Stanley Tucci. It's cool. Do your thing. We'll be here when you're done with Transformers: The Last Paycheque.