Given the millions of Star Trek fans out there, we can't imagine he will be waiting long.

Actor Leonard Nimoy who played the iconic Spock on Star Trek for many a year, sadly passed away in February at aged 83, and his son Adam Nimoy hopes to honour him with a documentary entitled "For the Love of Spock".

Nimoy Jr has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds for the project, stating on his page; "Last year, just before Thanksgiving, I approached my dad, Leonard Nimoy, about the possibility of working together on a film about Mr Spock," he wrote.

"I had skimmed through some of the books on the making of Star Trek and felt there was so much more to explore about the birth and evolution of Spock. And the timing seemed right, as the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series was not that far away.

"Dad agreed that now was the right time, and that he was 100% committed to collaborating with me on this project."

Adam says he wants to explore the "incredible career and artistry" of his dad, and while initially it began as a way to celebrate 50 years of his iconic character, his father's death has now brought new meaning to the project,

Adam hopes to raise $600,000 over the next month and release For the Love of Spock in early to mid-2016. Assuming he does raise the necessary amount, actor Zachary Quinto, who starred as Spock in the recent Star Trek film reboots, will narrate.

You can read more about Adam's campaign here.