If acting is your cup of tea and you just happen to be a Trekkie, then fate has something special in store for you because this July the man (or should we say Vulcan) with the best arched eyebrows this side of the universe and the finest pointy ears you will ever see is coming to Ireland to support Irish actors. That's right, Mr Spock himself is making a trip to our green pastures.

Zachary Quinto aka Spock is taking part in the Actors Masterclass at the Galway FIlm Fleadh on Friday July 12. During the class, the Star Trek film franchise actor will give tips on working in front of the camera for aspiring actors. The Actors Masterclass will be supported by Screen Training Ireland and hosted by John Hubbard of Hubbard Casting. It aims to provide an intensive interactive environment in the skills, methodology and aesthetics of film acting aimed at actors working or wanting to work more in the recorded media', according to the IFB.

Alongside all of this, Quinto will tackle the common fears actors face when starting off and working on film. This won't be the first time Quinto has visited Ireland, with work bringing him to old Eire beforehand. We must have inspired him something powerful because here he is again, ready to give back. Can't blame him really.

The Actors Masterclass is an actors-only event with limited places. For further information on other screenings and events with the Star Trek actor, keep an eye on www.galwayfilmfleadh.com.