As is now becoming clear, 'Green Book' picking up Best Picture at this year's Oscars hasn't gone done well with anyone outside of the people who were actually in 'Green Book'.

The social media reaction aside, 'Blackkklansman' director Spike Lee tried to physically leave the Dolby Theatre when 'Green Book' was called and, afterwards, made his feelings known about 'Green Book' winning Best Picture during press room interviews after the ceremony.

What do we mean? When asked how he felt about the victory of 'Green Book', Spike Lee didn't answer.

Here's what he did instead. Take a look.

It didn't start good either, as Spike Lee walked on the stage, proclaiming that he was on his sixth glass of champagne, "and you know why!"

As for what happened at the moment 'Green Book' won, attendees at the actual ceremony claimed that Spike Lee was "visibly angry" when the movie won, and attempted to leave the theatre before he returned to his seat and faced away from the stage.

This isn't the first time Spike Lee has lost out to a movie that was perceived as having a "white saviour narrative", either. In the year when 'Driving Miss Daisy' won Best Picture, Spike Lee's breakout hit 'Do The Right Thing' wasn't even nominated in the same category - a point that Lee touched on during his remarks.

"Every time somebody's driving somewhere, I lose!" Despite this, however, Lee was confident that his movie, 'Blackkklansman', would stand "stand the test of time as being on the right side of history."

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