When some of the best films ever made are attributed to your directorial skills, such as Jaws and E.T, you can afford to be a little picky in your work choices. Steven Spielberg certainly abides by this motto as he has recently not only ditched Robopocalypse the sci-fi adaptation, but also the Warner Bros./Dreamworks collaboration American Sniper.

Both Spielberg and his company Dreamworks are removing themselves from the project due to financial issues, according to Empire online. The story, based on reality, sees Bradley Cooper as the most lethal sniper in US military history Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Kyle's unwavering attention to his military career and skill makes him a key figure in American history, but the film also tells the personal story of the demise of his marriage and key relationships due to his extreme lifestyle, as well as his tragic end.

While Cooper is stil lattached to the project, Spielberg and Dreamworks are officially standing back from the project due to difficulties involving the budget. From what we hear, the script is perfectly suited to a Spielberg movie, so all our hopes are pinned on the director having a change of heart, or at least finding something non-Cruise/pure action related to make in the near future.