It almost seems like a distant memory, but the original design of Sonic for the live-action movie was the stuff of nightmares.

Truly. Now? A sequel is on the way and the first movie made over $300 million worldwide, a healthy Rotten Tomatoes score, and reminded people that Jim Carrey can be hilarious when he wants to be.

With all that in mind, the prospect of a sequel to 'Sonic The Hedgehog' is looking quite promising. Paramount announced yesterday that everyone's favourite blue hedgehog is spinning back into cinemas for April 8th, 2022, and he'll be bringing Tails - or Miles Prower - along with him.

The title announcement also had the opening bars of Emerald Hill Zone from 'Sonic The Hedgehog 2' in there as well, so we're guessing it's going to be full of references to that game as well. Here's hoping they put the music from Chemical Plant Zone because not only was that one of the best levels in any platformer game, it also had the best music.

All of this begs the question, who's going to voice Tails / Miles Prower in the movie? Ben Schwartz's voice as Sonic worked so well that placing someone like Joe Keery from 'Stranger Things' as Tails would be... too obvious? Maybe somebody like Adam Pally would be a good fit.

Why him, you ask? The two of them hosted a now-famous car-crash episode of the US version of 'The Late Late Show' shortly after Craig Ferguson left and before James Corden took over. The natural chemistry between them was so strong it would be enough to provide clean, renewable energy for decades.

Don't believe us? Just look at this. He's Tails, folks.