Some of the biggest films of the year have managed to leak online with Hollywood blaming screeners sent to award season voters as the cause.

Members of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts as well as all of the other award organisations will have been sent DVDs of some of the heavy hitters expected to pick up nominations this year. So the likes of The Hateful Eight, The Revenant, Creed, Joy and Brooklyn have all popped up on illegal torrent sites. Normally when this happens they're 'cam' versions, but THR have confirmed they're leaked screeners so DVD quality. 

This is nothing new - Hollywood struggles to fight illegal downloading at this time, every year - but will undoubtedly hurt the box office. Particularly the films that skew a little younger such as Creed and The Hateful Eight.

For us, even if those films were legally released to watch at home we'd still want to see them for the first time on the big screen. You can't beat the cinematic experience as a whole.