Steven Soderbergh is a seriously busy director. Having recently wrapped his Che Guevara double header, he signed up for the Matt Damon-led The Informant, and has now revealed he will helm the film The Girlfriend Experience. Flick is to be made using HD cameras, and will be distributed the same way as his experimental feature Bubble, which was released through the web, theatrically and on DVD at the same time. Plot this time centre’s on high class hookers, who charge up $10,000 a night to offer alternative services that involve much more intimacy than your average night of expensive sexual extravagance - the girls actually act like proper girlfriends, but for a fee. Sounds messed-up, but is an altogether intriguing set up for a film. Soderbergh is a director capable of genuine brilliance (Out of Sight), but has many kinks in his armour, including a quasi-pretentiousness that can rear its head from time-to-time (Full Frontal).