'Tis the season for staying out of the cold and if you don't fancy sitting in over the Christmas period, what better way than to pop down to your local ODEON and catch these great films!



The conclusion to the Hunger Games franchise kicks off with Katniss Everdeen beginning her battle against the Capitol. With Peeta now being used as a media pawn against the rebellion, will they reunite or is Katniss going to have sacrifice all in order to save Panem? Watch it for the nail-biting tension and that arrow-shot that takes down a bomber.



Ridley Scott returns to the historical blockbuster genre with a dramatic retelling of the story of Moses and the exodus from Egypt. Christian Bale plays Moses, the reluctant leader of the Israelities who's pitted against his adopted brother, Ramses - played by Joel Edgerton. With a supporting cast of Ben Kingsley, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver and John Tuturro, Exodus: Gods & Kings is sure to be a sweeping epic. Sweeping because of the Red Sea? Sweeping waves? Nothing? WHATEVER.



Remember those special ops penguins from Madagascar that basically stole every scene they were in? They've now got their own movie. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private are hunted by an old adversary who's out to destroy everything cute in the world - including them. The penguins have got to join forces with the North Wind - led by Benedict Cumberbatch playing a wolf. Naturally, of course.



Bill Murray can do wrong in our eyes. Playing an angry, single OAP who takes on the job of protecting a single mother's child, he teaches him how to curse, fight and get on with women. We wish Bill Murray would teach us how to do all those things. Our own Chris O'Dowd plays a young teacher / priest whilst women of the moment Melissa McCarthy plays the young child's mother. Heartwarming, funny and it's got Bill Murray. Did we mention that?



The Hobbit reaches its finale with its most explosive and action-packed entry yet. It's not just the fight against Smaug the Dragon, they've also got to contend with an orc army headed their way. Will the elves, dwarves and humans put aside their differences to defeat the evil Azog? Who will get all the gold underneath the mountain? And who will survive?




Frozen has been a smash hit with audiences, both young and old alike. If it's not the soundtrack, it's the heartwarming tale of young princesses and a talking snowman. Now you can relive Frozen in all its glory with a special sing-a-long screening only at ODEON!



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