BAFTA award presenter Simon Pegg didn't like musicals until he watched 'Les Miserables'.

The 42-year-old actor has never enjoyed the genre but he had to watch the movie - based on the acclaimed stage production - as a member of BAFTA to cast his nominations ahead of the awards ceremony and he was surprised by how good it was, especially Anne Hathaway's performance as Fantine.

Speaking on the red carpet before the BAFTA Awards ceremony at London's Royal Opera House on Sunday night (10.02.13), he told BANG Showbiz: 'I'm not a fan of musicals, but I sat and watched 'Les Miserables' because I had to and I really enjoyed it. I was like, 'I'm not going to like this,' but I did. I thought Anne Hathaway was amazing and it was beautifully made. Who knew? Musicals are OK!'

Pegg took his responsibilities as a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) very seriously this year and watched every movie listed - and he was impressed with every film.

He explained: 'I watched everything this year. I tried to be a good BAFTA member so I could vote properly and I didn't really see anything that I didn't enjoy. There was some really good stuff. I loved 'Django [Unchained]'. I'd love Quentin [Tarantino] to win and I loved 'Life of Pi'. I could list them all.

'Django Unchained' won Best Original Screenplay, and the statuette was collected by Tarantino, and Pegg's praise for Hathaway was justified as she walked away with the Best Supporting Actress for her performance in 'Les Miserables'.

Pegg admitted he was incredibly proud to be at the BAFTAs because as a British star it's the biggest night in the awards calendar.

He said: 'This is a British occasion and as a British actor, it's nice to be here and be part of this. It's our academy and we're very proud of it. It's well known and world-renowned, so it's nice that it's a big part of the awards calendar.'

Does this mean we'll be seeing Pegg star in a musical some time soon?