By now, you might have already heard about a high school in New Jersey which put on a full-scale production of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic, 'Alien'.

The production was that good, in fact, that Ridley Scott even offered to fund an encore presentation. Sigourney Weaver, meanwhile, offered her congratulations and at that encore presentation, she turned up to introduce the play.

Weaver thanked the students and teachers for their effort and hard work, not to mention the people who turned up and supported the event itself.

What's even more impressive, however, is that the sets and the costumes were all designed and made using recycled parts and built by the students and teachers themselves. Even the xenomorph that turns up and the egg were all crafted and built by hand.

The full 90-minute production was uploaded to YouTube a couple of days ago, and as you can tell from the performance, it really is special.

Take a look.