Well, now that we've had a few minutes to calm down and get ourselves together, we've had a proper scan through the trailer.

Considering that we have a vast knowledge of Star Wars trivia, we thought we'd give you a detailed analysis of what's going on.

Let's start at the start.

That's Tattooine for sure. It's a big fixture in the films, showing up in Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.


There's John Boyega. Yes, stormtroopers are essentially clones of Jango Fett - but their armour can be worn by anyone. Remember in A New Hope when Luke and Han stole the trooper armour? Nice call-back, there. Also, that's actual armour - not CGI'd armour. So that's something. Also, that weird noise you hear when he's walking off? That's an Imperial probe droid. You'd have seen them in The Empire Strikes Back in the very opening scene.


Looks like a new type of droid. We're guessing this is R2D2's replacement. 


That's the new-design Stormtrooper we've heard so much about. Again, those are actual, non-CGI stormtroopers. We may be harping on about that fact, but we remember Attack of the Clones and a thousand-strong Temeura Morrisons.


Looks like they're being dumped out on a rainy planet. Kamino, maybe? No idea.


Newcomer Daisy Ridley getting to grips with a speeder bike, again on Tattooine. She's going to play a big part in the series, apparently.


Oscar Isaac in the cockpit of an X-Wing, looking very serious. Again, nice call-back in design terms to the original trilogy.


X-WINGS HOLY SHIT. Also, that blue stripe denotes what squadron / flight the X-Wing is a part of. In A New Hope, it was red - hence why Luke was Red Five. So is Oscar Isaac Blue Five? Or Blue Drive? Because he was in Drive. That wordplay sounded better in our head.


Oooh, scary. This is the Inquisitor. From what we've heard in rumours, the Inquisitor served Darth Vader and the Emperor - but went into hiding after they killed each other in Return of the Jedi. Who actually is it? We don't know. Some people are saying the voiceover is Benedict Cumberbatch. So far, Cumberbatch has denied any involvement in the film - although he did tour the set recently. Our guess as to who the mystery guest is? Andy Serkis.


Wow, that's pretty..







December 2015. Cannot. Come. Quick enough.


As first trailers go, this is very strong. JJ Abrams is a master of building hype and suspense and this is a slick, well-made trailer that purposefully gives us nothing and lets us make our assessments and conjectures.

It's interesting to note that Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher didn't feature in a single shot - that we know of, at least. Obviously, Abrams knows that he wants this to connect a new generation of actors who will carry it on for years to come.

Are we excited? Do wampas live on Hoth? Is Han Solo from Corellia? Yes. Yes, we are.