If ever you wanted proof that Zack Snyder's absence has been felt in the DC Expanded Universe, the tone of 'Shazam!' and the sheer brightness from 'Aquaman' should tell you everything you need to know.

Going by the trailer for 'Shazam!', it's clearly leaning into the comedic sensibility of the source comics and definitely draws parallels with '80s classic 'Big'. Zachary Levi plays the titular character whilst Asher Angel plays the teenager Billy Batson. The trailer does a good job of explaining - such as it can - how the transformation works, and there's enough humour here to know that it doesn't take itself seriously.

Really, just imagine a Zack Snyder version of this. It'd be terrible and we all know it. At least here there's an element of awareness to it that works in its favour.

'Shazam!' arrives in Irish cinemas on April 5th, 2019.