They say you're your own worst critic, right? Well it looks like this director has taken that to heart.

David F. Sandberg, the director of recent superhero movie 'Shazam!', recently released a video essay that's gaining a lot of traction.

The video is titled 'The Problem Solving of Filmmaking'. In it, Sandberg describes a number of issues that he faced in making the feature and how he resolved them.

He focusses primarily on a CGI effect involving Shazam flying which ended up more complicated than expected, and on how he made adjustments to a scene to ensure the foster kids wore coats for the third act.

The video appears to be in response to those 'Film Failures' and 'CinemaSins' type of videos on Youtube.

It was shared on Reddit and many have been impressed.

One person commented: "damn, this is a fascinating idea! Can you imagine if more directors made long-form critiques of their own works?
And yes, youtube film criticism can be some hyperbolic and nit-picky. So its nice to see it from the most insider perspective possible"

Another stated: "i enjoy seeing directors point out "flaws" or "nitpick" their own movies for something i wouldn't even notice."

Check out the video here: