Universal's planned shared monster universe officially has a name, and has just added some big hitters to its cast. 

Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe were already attached to the franchise and are due to kick things off in June when they come up against Sofia Boutella's ancient Egyptian threat in The Mummy. It's been known for some time that Crowe is playing Dr.Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde in film and that he was expected to star in a solo Jekyll movie should The Mummy be a hit.

Now Universal have revealed the universe's name and the other classic characters we can expect to see show up in future installments. 'Dark Universe' will feature the aforementioned 'Mummy' and 'Jekyll/Hyde' as well as Frankenstein's Monster(Javier Bardem) and The Invisible Man(Johnny Depp). 

A Bride of Frankenstein remake has been announced, to be released on Valentine's Day 2019. Fresh of the success of his Beauty and the Beast remake, Bill Condon will be calling the shots behind the camera. The studio also teased that the actress who'll star in the remake opposite Bardem will be announced soon. 

There's no word yet as to whether Depp's Invisible Man will also be getting his own movie or will turn up in The Bride of Frankenstein. We imagine a lot of that will depend on The Mummy's success at the box office next month. 

Here's the video Universal released to accompany the announcement.