If you're thinking of Marvel's Avengers, you're way off and you're showing your age.

In the '60s, there was a TV series of the same name with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg which featured a top British spy who was paired up with a beautiful assistant to solve crimes and wear bowler hats. Really. it was the '60s, man. Anyway, there was a disastrous attempt in 1998 to reboot it with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman in the role of John Steed and Mrs. Peel that failed miserably.

So, for some reason that's not yet entirely clear, it seems like Hollywood is gearing up for another swing and has tasked Shane Black and Fred Dekker to write a '60s-set adaptation of the TV series. In an interview with Dark Side Magazine via ScreenRant, Dekker described it as "The Ipcress File meets Doctor Who. At this moment, it’s my favorite thing we’re working on."

Granted, it's a long way from our screens - but the fact that Shane Black and Fred Dekker are working on it is definitely cause for interest. The Predator, which they also co-wrote, is on our list of must-see films in 2018 and Black's work on Iron Man 3, The Nice Guys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is fantastic.

The question now is who'll play John Steed and Emma Peel?


Via Dark Side Magazine