Some reviews of the Sex And The City movie have started to appear in American publications, and it’s not looking good. The series was generally praised by scribes when it appeared on the beacon for television quality that is HBO (if you haven’t starting watching The Wire or Entourage please do so know), but the film is being slammed by critics for being lazy and self indulgent. Big wig industry spewings like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are calling it "half-hearted", while the always reliable Emanuel Levy notes that "(while) it's good to see the Fab Four together again - you just wish they were in a funnier and wittier film than this indulgent and essentially middlebrow saga that feels like six TV episodes glued together". At two and a half hours long, he’s about right on the timing. This film will make a fortune regardless, as folk will undoubtedly not give a rats about the critical reaction - it's damn well near crack for the eyes for some women.