Seth Rogen did not hold back when it comes to what he really thinks about Christopher Nolan going ahead with the cinematic release of 'Tenet'.

And it comes just off the back of 'Mulan' going to Disney+ instead of cinemas. So that's awkward.

Rogen was interviewed by THR this week in promotion for his new dramedy 'An American Pickle', which premieres on HBO Max this week.

The movie was originally, like so many, intended for theatrical release. It will now be the first original film on HBO Max.

Thus the matter of going to on demand versus cinemas in the current climate became a focal point of conversation.

Rogen offered a tongue-in-cheek response to the question of how his production company, Point Grey, is handling the pandemic.

"I'm waiting to see what Chris Nolan does," Rogen said. " 'WWCND' is basically what we're saying at all times. 'What would Chris Nolan do?'

"For a while, it seemed like the answer was to kill his greatest fans. But that's not the answer of today, it seems, so that's good. But we have no idea. We don't want to be the first to rush into anything."

'Tenet' was delayed a number of times before settling on an international release for the end of August, followed by the US from September 3.

Rogen's comments also refer to the fact that numerous studios have delayed their movie release dates to beyond summer, and are waiting to see how 'Tenet' fares before launching any major titles in cinemas.

Nice that whether he's talking about 'Game of Thrones', 'Cats' or some other cultural phenomenon (or disaster), we can always rely on Seth Rogen to be brutally honest.

'An American Pickle' debuts on HBO Max on August 6th. 'Tenet' hits Irish cinemas on August 26th.