If you liked There Will Be Blood and the idea of Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson working together on a new film, you're in luck.

Set photos have confirmed both the title of Paul Thomas Anderson's new film and the era in which it's set, but nothing substantial on the plot itself other than the fact the film is set in the world of '50s fashion.

Going through the set photos, the film is working under the title of The Phantom Thread, as evidence by transport cars bearing its name. There's also a production company with the title of Phantom Thread registered as 'motion picture production activities' as well, so that obviously is a part of it.

Again, going by the set photos we've seen, it appears that the film is most likely set in the '50s. One of the main buildings in Lythe, Yorkshire, has had its facade restored and a number of period-specific cars have been placed around the building and village.

You might think making a film about fashion in '50s London doesn't exactly sound all that thrilling, but the very same could be said of There Will Be Blood and that was one of the best psychological thrillers of the past ten years.

No specific release date has been set for The Phantom Thread, but it is known that Annapurna Pictures and Focus Pictures are producing alongside Paul Thomas Anderson's Ghoulardi Film Company.

You can check out all the set photos here via Whitby Photography.


Via Whitby Photography