When it comes to horror reboots, or legacy sequels if you like, a new trend is beginning to emerge where you simply name the movie the same title as its original.

John Carpenter's 'Halloween' had its legacy sequel in 2018 with the same name, and now it appears 'Scream' is getting the same treatment. In a series of tweets, Kevin Williamson - writer of the original, executive producer of the sequel - announced the movie's title as (drum-roll)... 'Scream'.

Not 'Scream 5' or even '5cream', which is right there. Just 'Scream'.

Of note in the tweet is the fact that A) Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox look great, B) Courteney Cox's hair appears to be normal and not the 'Scream 3' massacre, and C) that house behind them look quite similar to Stu Macher's house from the original.

Williamson went on, adding that he believes the departed Wes Craven "would’ve been so proud of the film that Matt (Bettinelli-Olpin) and Tyler (Gillett) are making," and described the movie as the franchise's "relaunch", confirming a release date of January 2022.

So, when all that's said and done, the question now remains - will it be as good as the original, can it even hope to top it, and what's the chances of Drew Barrymore getting some kind of cameo in there as well?