Hugh Jackman's career as Wolverine / Logan / Weapon X / James Howlett may be over, but that doesn't for one second stop studios from recasting the character with someone new.

Granted, we may be a good few years away from that reality - but it is coming. In an interview with, none other than Clint Eastwood's sprog, Scott, put himself forward as a candidate for the whole adamantium claws.

Beyond confirming that he wants to play the character to in a red-carpet interview, there's not much to tell and it may simply be that Eastwood is putting his name out there for the role.

Fox have admitted that they're considering recasting the character, but are obviously not going to do it any time - especially considering Logan, Jackman's final film in the role, is very likely to be in Oscar contention in the coming months. Not only that, Logan was praised by many critics as being Jackman's Unforgiven, a film that starred and was directed by - you guessed it - Clint Eastwood.