Although Chris O'Donnell would go on to play Robin in Joel Schumacher's nipple-tastic Batman Forever, he wasn't the original choice for the role of the Boy Wonder.

Marlon Wayans, whom audiences will recognise from Scary Movie, was originally cast in Tim Burton's Batman Returns - but subsequent rewrites of the film had Robin excised and pushed to the third film. When time came to make the third film - Batman Forever - Joel Schumacher opted to recast him.

"What happened was, I auditioned for Tim Burton, I got the role, but it was the second Batman [Batman Returns]. There was Catwoman, there was the Penguin, there was all these different characters they were introducing," explained Wayans, in a recent interview on Jimmy Fallon.

"So they felt it wasn't enough time to put Robin in the movie. So they wanted to do Batman & Robin as the next movie." As Wayans tells it, he was paid $100,000 for the role - but was eventually recast with Chris O'Donnell by incoming director Joel Schumacher.

"At first I was hurt, but then I thought about it and I know why they did it, because you can't have a Robin have a bigger codpiece than Batman!"

Well, that makes sense.


Via YouTube