We've seen Saoirse Ronan kick ass as a child assassin, send James McAvoy to prison as an Oscar nominated teen and we're even hearing that she may eventually slip her foot into a certain glass slipper. But before she heads to the ball (IF she heads to the ball that is) she's got a bit of an, err, extraterrestrial role coming up and believe it or not it even involves a bit of smoochin!

Yup, we found a few images floating around the interweb, showing our Saoirse in a liplock with one of her Host co-stars. Poor girl, we can only imagine how difficult it is to get into character with fine looking specimens like Max Irons and Jake Abel.

The film is based on Twilight author Stephanie Meyer's celestial creation, The Host, which tells the tale of a futuristic Earth in which most of the humans have fallen under the control of parasitic aliens who take control of their bodies. But never fear, some people don't exactly go quietly and Ms Ronan is one of 'em. When her body starts trying to fight off the icky alien, she becomes a bit of a beacon of hope. No pressure.

Diane Kruger and William Hurt co-star while The Truman Show screenwriter Andrew Nicol is behind the camera. It's no Twilight, but The Host has a rather wide fanbase and we're sure they'll go mental for this one. Catch it in Irish cinemas from March 29th 2013.