Sandra Bullock is currently promoting her latest movie for Netflix, 'The Unforgivable.'

As talk show host Jimmy Kimmel reflects, she's led quite a career and according to Sandra Bullock 'Miss Congeniality' is still the movie she gets asked the most about.

The powerhouse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been recruiting various highly acclaimed actors and award-winning talent of late. But Sandra Bullock has yet to appear in a Marvel movie.

The actress was recently rumoured to be making an appearance in the third Tom Holland Spidey movie, 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'.

But she tells Kimmel: "You know what, if that were a rumour that my son had heard, do you know how much I would get him to do in the house? I would be so successful in my requests."

She added: "Who did they say I was gonna be? Like his grandmother or something?"

Kimmel informed her it was Madame Web she was rumoured to be playing.

Sandra Bullock liked the sound of the character and asked: "Why was I not hired for this? What happened to the talks? Because I think I would be amazing with the psychic-ness."

Upon being asked if she's ever been approached about starring in a Marvel movie, the actress answered: "I don't think I'm Marvel material."

As Kimmel pressed her, she continued: "I've never been approached by Marvel, never. You're making me feel like I have when I'm not saying anything!"

The talk show host explained that he gets lied to all the time by actors, finding out subsequently that they actually are playing this hero or that.

Bullock admitted she has been approached for something that wasn't Marvel (presumably a superhero movie). But her son talked her into saying no.

So take of that what you will.

Watch the interview in full with the ever-lovely Sandra here.