It's so fluffaaaay!

Yes Despicable Me 2 is on its way to a cinema near you and apart from the super cute minions, Agnes (the cartoon world's most adorable kid) the always funny Steve Carrell, and the inimitable Kristen Wiig, there's even more to look forward to. A spin-off minion centred movie has now been signed off on by the folk at Universal and as for who'll take the lead voice on this one? Why that'd be Sandra Bullock. The Miss Congeniality actress will lead a team of minions in a story that's set back in 1960. When we meet them, the little yellow cheesy puff looking characters are feeling rather deflated after wiping out all of their previous masters. Looking to pick themselves up, they head off to a villain convention (after all, their duty is to serve the world's greatest villains, although they do have a habit of accidentally killing said villains), with the hopes of finding a new leader. That's where they meet female baddie Scarlet Overkill, played by Bullock, who has massive plans to become the world's first and deadliest female supervillain.

Expect to see this arrive on our shores sometime around Christmas 2014.