Sam Worthington remains one of my favourite interviews. I chatted to him about Avatar a while back and he was as personable and down to earth as they come. He's also bluntly honest about himself. Which is why I'm not surprised he's spoken out about his own work, namely, his performance in Clash of the Titans.

"I wanted to do a second Titans film because I personally think I wasn't very good in the first one. I think I could've worked a lot harder on Clash. So I wanted the opportunity to get a second bite at the apple, and it is rare to get that kind of chance. I read a lot of reviews and everyone thought I looked like a f**king idiot. More was written about my f**king hair in this movie than anyone's in the whole world - apart from maybe Jennifer Aniston when she had that haircut in Friends that the whole f**king world copied." Worthington did tell me he reads a lot of his own press because he wants to improve and especially reads talkbacker stuff from fans, so I'm not surprised he'd come out with something like this.

He's taking a lot of flak lately in a very similar way that Colin Farrell did after ascending to the top of the Hollywood A-list very quickly. I'm sure he expected it and continues to do good work. He does a fine job in Man on Ledge which is out this Friday.