Making baddies seem goofy and lovably is Sam Rockwell's forte; he can bring a clown quality to even the most insiduously evil character, just see The Green Mile. Other roles such as Chuck Barris in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Jimmy Silk in Heist, and one of his more recent, Billy Bickle in Seven Psychopaths all attest to this power. His next film, however, will see him take the other side in the good versus bad binary as Steven Spielberg's classic 80's horror Poltergeist comes up for adaptation.

Acocrding to The Wrap, Rockwell is in talks for a role in the horro remake with MGM and Fox, while other recognisable big names already on the film titles are Evil Dead's Sam Raimi as producer and screenwriter of Oz The Great and Powerful David Lindsay-Abaire.

Rockwell will star alongside Rosmarie DeWitt as a couple whose idyllic lives are torn apart by a malevolent force inside their house which possesses their daughter. There is no confirmed release date as of yet but our horrified faces are just at bay, ready for display at what could be a cult top-notch remake.

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