In anticipation for his newest action/comedy 'Free Guy', the Hollywood star somehow twisted Disney's arm to let his Merc with a Mouth to team up with the fan-favourite MCU supporting character.

When Ryan Reynolds released his Deadpool/Korg crossover last month, MCU fans were sent into a frenzy - did this finally confirm Deadpool is joining the MCU? In a strange turn of events, it was actually just an elaborate promotional video shot for 20th Century Studios' 'Free Guy', set to be released this weekend.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty hilarious video, and a nice laying of the groundwork in terms of seeing the former Fox-owned character slowly appear in promotional material within the world of the MCU. The 'Deadpool' star recently spoke with Screen Rant about how the video came about.

It seems that Disney's arm didn't need to be twisted too much for the creation to come to life. Ryan Reynolds said of the Deadpool/Korg collaboration: "The Deadpool and Korg piece was just something that we'd written over at Maximum Effort Marketing, my company. George Dewey and I wrote it out, tried to see if we could get it past Disney, and if they would say yes. We didn't think they would - because they've said no to some other things, so we were kind of in that in that wheelhouse.

"But they said yes. And then the next step was asking Taika if he'd be up for it, and of course he was. Because Taika is just the greatest. We shot it, and it's probably the most expensive reaction video ever made."

The stars will both appear in 'Free Guy', which we recently awarded with a healthy three and a half stars. 'Free Guy' marks the second time Taika and Ryan worked on a film together, having previously starred in the abysmal 'Green Lantern'.

Who knows that might happen with the pair next - we could definitely see Korg join the cast of 'Deadpool 3'.

Here's that Deadpool/Korg/'Free Guy' clip for you again in case you missed it the first time around. The movie hits cinemas this Friday.