Although much of the interviews and footage you see of Neil Armstrong are after the flight of Apollo 11 and the moon landing, what was he like before then?

What this trailer for 'First Man' catches, and will likely be the central theme of the film, is just how crazy dangerous the whole thing was and how there was definitely a probability that Apollo 11 wouldn't make it back to Earth. In fact, President Nixon had two speeches written - one if they made it back, and one if they didn't.

You also get a glimpse at the cinematography by Linus Sandgren, who director Damien Chazelle worked with on 'La La Land' as well. Kyle "Full hearts, clear eyes, can't lose" Chandler is in there as well and you've got 'House Of Cards' alum Corey Stoll as Buzz Aldrin.

Simply put, the Oscar race starts now with this and 'A Star Is Born'. Don't be surprised in the slightest if Claire Foy picks up an Oscar for Best Actress either.

'First Man' hits Irish cinemas on October 12th.