What is it about Ryan Gosling not saying a whole lot, exhibiting a strange air of angry coolness, wearing a white t-shirt and getting revenge on some nasty boys that's so damn attractive?

It's a rare feat, but Gosling manages to make violence sexy. And that's not something we'd normally condone (make love not war, etc). Perhaps it's since Drive, or perhaps it's not the violence at all but rather his perfectly formed facial features that remain unaffected by whatever terrible acts he's commiting. Have you ever seen him squirm or look remotely bothered as he bottles someone over the head? It's creepy. Hot, yes, but creepy also. Either way, you watch Gosling in the same way you would have watched Marlon Brando, Paul Newman or James Dean; they were both cool as cucumbers and likeable too. It's not just the ladies they pleased, lads would jump at the chance to go for a pint with them too.

Anyhoo, here he is in a new trailer for Only God Forgives, on the hunt for the bastards who killed his fictional brother.

This is the latest sexy/violent collaboration between Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn. It also stars Kristin Scott Thomas in a role unlike anything you've seen her in before.

Make a date for this one on the August bank holiday weekend. Although it mightn't make for the most romantic of evenings, unless you've got a penchant for hipstery, overtly stylised movies and a lot of blood.