Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling could team up on screen for the first time in the third film from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black.

The proposed flick is called The Nice Guys, as centres on two private investigators looking into the death of a porn star in the 70s. The Wrap describe it as a 'noir' flick, which wouldn't be too dissimilar in tone to the fantastic 'Bang'.

If there's one thing Gosling was maybe doing wrong with his career, it was taking himself a little too seriously. He was excellent in Crazy, Stupid, Love so it would be great to see him in something lighter, all be it with a bit more density than your usual comedy fare. Black is one of the sharpest writers in Hollywood and has proved himself as a director and someone who can balance humour with plot and action.

Crowe is coming off of a global hit with Noah, but his schedule may or may not open up for this. It's obviously a bit of dream casting for Black - but there's no reason why either of those guys wouldn't want to work with him.