Negga appeared on Jimmy Fallon during the week, discussing her upcoming film 'Passing' and her friendship with the 'James Bond' star.

There's always something nice about hearing the Irish accent on an American talk show. Negga even brought the vernacular over with her when she mentioned her and Craig's shared love for pencil parers.

Negga, who grew up in Limerick, kept having to correct herself and say "pencil sharpeners" instead of the Irish way to avoid bemusing the crowd.

After discussing stationary for a bit, Negga laughed that she may have "just ruined Daniel Craig's reputation".

Besides that extremely interesting topic of discussion, Negga also chatted about her role in the Netflix film 'Passing'.

Negga plays a black woman who is passing for white in 1920's America, where she meets Tessa Thompson's character who she grew up with in Harlem. Both their performances in the film have been critically acclaimed.

The Limerick actress will also be starring alongside Craig on Broadway with 'Macbeth' in 2022.

Watch her interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below.