If, for some reason, you thought that 2018 was going to slow down with the ridiculous news, you haven't been paying one bit of attention because we are clearly living in some sort of parallel universe where everything's upside down and back to front.

Ireland is seeing record temperatures this summer, Kane from the WWE is now a mayor in Tennessee, Patrick Stewart is doing another series of 'Star Trek' after years of denial, and now Steven Seagal is a Special Humanitarian Envoy to the United States after being appointed by former KGB officer-turned-Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Per CNN, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia believe that the star of 'Under Siege', 'On Dangerous Ground', 'Nico' and 'China Salesman' will act as a bridge between the two superpowers "in the sphere of culture, public and youth exchanges," and probably direct-to-DVD movies as well. Seagal has been a Russian citizen since 2016 and was officially declared a threat to the national security of Ukraine in May of last year.

Just to make things even more bizarre / hilarious, this isn't the first time Putin has tried to put forward Seagal as an envoy between the two nations. In 2013, the Russian president tried to convince Barack Obama that Seagal should serve as an honorary envoy, but was obviously refused because that's just crazy talk.

It's 2018, and look at us now.