As if The Mummy reboot wasn't already starry enough with Tom Cruise in the lead role, Universal have only gone and added Russel Crowe to the cast. 

The plot is set in present day with Cruise playing Tyler Colt, a special forces soldier confronted with an ancient evil. Crowe's character is yet to be named but is thought to be a Dr. Jekyll type character. Although he's only signed on for this movie so far it's likely he'll appear again in the proposed universe should the movie be a hit.

Kingsman's Sofia Boutella will play the title character. Joining the ranks of Jet Lee, Arnold Vosloo and Boris Karloff, she'll be the first woman to ever play the iconic role. 

The reboot will be the first of what Universal are hoping will become a franchise universe similar to what Disney have with Marvel and Star Wars. 

Alex Kurtzman is calling the shots behind the camera. Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance fill out the rest of the cast. 

Via Empire