If you haven't seen Gone Girl yet and were thinking you just need to read one more review to make up your mind about it, then let Roy Keane provide that for you.

Roy Keane has a lot of opinions on a lot of different things, there's no doubting that, but up to this point, we never knew that he was doing a few nixers on the side as a film critic. Well, he's not quite at that level yet, but in an interview with ShortList magazine this week, he decided to give his verdict on the new Ben Affleck movie Gone Girl, which has proven to be pretty popular with the public so far.

Would you believe us if we told you that. surprisingly, Roy didn't like it? We'll let him take it from here, as he responds to the question "What was the last film you saw?": 

"Gone Girl. Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. I went with a couple of lads from the Irish team, but if I was on my own, honestly, I would’ve walked out.". We're imagining his face looked something like this during the whole thing.

Frank, direct, honest. We think he could be the next Mark Kermode, and we are on the phone to the relevant people now to get him in as a movie reviewer for us folks, we'll let you know what he says. We're also not sure if Affleck has yet heard the criticism, but Batman vs Roy Keane is a pay-per-view fight that even Don King couldn't overhype.

Via ShortList Magazine