, the website that cumulates critic's reviews from all over the world, has disabled user comments underneath their reviews of The Dark Knight Rises after some critics - who have reviewed the film negatively - received abuse.

Rotten Tomatoes editor in chief Matt Atchity said in a letter posted on the site: "Marshall (a critic who was the subject of such abuse) has the right to not like the movie, and people have the right to express their disagreement with him (although if you haven't seen the movie, your arguments may be on shaky ground)," he added, "and we have the right to pull your comment down and ban you if we think you're acting inappropriately." Finally saying, "We'll ban you for threats and hate speech - we're trying to have fun here, so don't be a d**k. And don't try and argue about your right to free speech - this is a business, and we have the right to refuse service to anyone we feel like."

One critic, who posted a link to a negative review on his site received a tirade of abuse, and called commenters on the site, "the worst human beings on the planet".