Ron Howard hasn't had much lately at the box-office, despite his efforts.

In The Heart Of The Sea wasn't exactly warmly received at the box-office and came under $10,000,000 short of its budget. Rush, however, was quite successful with audiences whilst The Dilemma is seen as an absolute oddity of a film. Either way, a return to more conventional fare could be just the ticket.

Although he's got the next Dan Brown adaptation, Inferno, in the bag, his dancecard is filling up and one particular project that's caught our eye is Seveneves. Based on the novel by Neal Stephenson, it follows the destruction of the Moon and the resultant damage on Earth, how society splits up into different factions and features a lot of legitimate scientific work around it.

It's been a hot property to adapt for quite a while, with Skydance Productions winning out and placing Ron Howard in the director's chair and Apollo 13 writer Bill Broyles behind the writer's desk to adapt. There's been no word on casting of yet and no release date has been scheduled, but you've got to imagine Tom Hanks will make an appearance somewhere.

Come on, like. You can't have Ron Howard in space without Tom Hanks floating around there somewhere.