Ooh Roger Moore, you little fox. Most promiscuous Bond ever, eh? This news come today via IllicitEncounters.com. You may be approaching your 90s but hot DANG, you've got a way with the ladies, Rodgering Moore women during your time as 007 than any other Bond incarnation. Did you see what we did there? Yeah, you did.

Roger's dalliances are followed up by Sean Connery who had his wicked way with 15 Bond girls, while Irish dreamboat Pierce Brosnan did the durty with 9.

Totting up all of the Bond's bedroom antics, Digital Spy have it that Bond's slept or 'made love' (pfffft) with 52 women in total (excluding Skyfall which in my opinion is seriously devoid of steamy scenes), an average of 2.36 women per film.

At some point, he's going to have to settle into a life of monogamy, no?