Although he's best known for his work on The Commitments, The Van and The Snapper, it's been almost twenty years since Roddy Doyle's had an original screenplay make it to the screen.

Rosie, which wrapped filming this week, is described by Doyle himself as a direct response to Ireland's current housing crisis. As he tells it, the idea came when he was "listening to the radio news and heard a young woman describing how she’d spent the previous day in her car, with her children, trying to find a place to stay that night." 

"I thought to myself as I listened: ‘That’s the story.’ I immediately went upstairs to my office and started writing the script."

The film, which stars Sarah Greene in the title role and Moe Dunford, follows a young woman who finds herself, her partner and her young children homeless after her landlord decides to sell their home. No release date has been confirmed as of yet, but the film is expected in cinemas in Autumn before the end of the year.