As Denis Villeneueve gears up for the beginning of production on the eagerly-awaited Blade Runner sequel, more and more news is starting to trickle out.

It's already been confirmed that Ryan Gosling AND Harrison Ford are starring and that Hampton Fancher, one of the original screenwriters, has completed his script for the film. Even more, legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins is on board to lend his incredible eye for visuals whilst rumours abound that Vangelis may be returning to score the film.

Today, it's been confirmed that Robin Wright has now worked out a deal to star in the sequel. The House of Cards star was reportedly unable to sign on fully as her complicated schedule for shooting the Netflix series prevented her from doing so. Details are tight around the entire film and the exact role Wright will be playing is so far unknown.

The film will be set several decades after the events of the original Blade Runner and, according to rumour at least, the film will centre on Ryan Gosling attempt to track down Harrison Ford. For his part, Ford has said the script is one of the best things he's read in years.

So, y'know, no pressure or anything.


Via Variety