Robert Pattinson has taken somewhat of a back seat in the last couple of years, popping up sporadically in interesting work like The Lost City of Z in more of a supporting role.

But you get the impression that Pattinson was honing his craft and looking for interesting roles after the insanity that was the Twilight era. Well, he seems to have found a production that was worth the wait.

Pattinson plays a small-time criminal in 'Good Time', which has received the heaviest plaudits yet at Cannes, so much so that the standing ovation at the end of the screening brought one of the filmmakers, the Safdie Brothers, to tears.

While the film is being widely lauded, Pattinson had been garnering considerable praise. THR said "the magnetic center is Pattinson, playing a driven man whose ethics may be questionable even if his motivation at all times is rooted in fraternal devotion. It's a performance of can't-look-away intensity without an ounce of movie-star vanity."

'Good Time' opens in America in August, with hopefully an Irish release soon after.