Even before T2: Trainspotting went on general release in January, Danny Boyle was being questioned about whether a third film in the series could happen. 

While Boyle wouldn't rule anything out at the time, he has gone on the record now as saying that rather than a third Trainspotting film, he'd be much more interested in seeing a spin off focusing on Francis Begbie.

Irvine Welsh's 'The Blade Artist', which was released last year, is a story centered solely on the character of Begbie that takes place in between the events of the Trainspotting and T2. While some of the other characters also appear in the story, they don't amount to much more than a cameo. Boyle has said that while he wouldn't like to helm the film himself, it is something he would like to see get made. 

“It’s like a solo book. I think Bobby would love to do that because it’s an interesting twist on the character. That may be made into a film. You couldn’t call it T3 because although some of the other characters come into it, they’re only featured just momentarily. It’s a solo story. You could call that a spinoff…Blade Artist is a great read.”

Robert Carlyle has also sounded off on the possibility of a Begbie solo movie, stating that he would be interested in returning to the character. 

“We’ve been talking about that, I am up for doing it. So maybe we ain’t seen the end of Begbie just yet. [T2] is the first time you see maybe there is another side to this guy. … There is something quite emotional about that. He’s capable of feeling something more than just rage, so I am pleased that that element of Begbie has been shown.”