With so much buzz around its sequel Mary Poppins Returns, starring Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda, there’s been a lot of nostalgic recalling of the 1964 film lately. The original Mary Poppins is undoubtedly the most beloved of all Disney’s live-action films.

It starred Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, who we know went on to have prolific careers and are still fabulous, but what ever happened to the adorable kid actor, Jane Banks, from the film?

Karen Dotrice was just eight years old when she played the character. The actress is now sixty years old and she looks fantastic.

Matthew Garber played her on-screen brother, Michael Banks, and the two reunited for Disney's The Three Lives of Thomasina and for the 1967 adventure movie The Gnome-Mobile.

Sadly, Garber passed away at the age of 21 after contracting hepatitis following a trip to India in 1976.

Speaking about Garber in 2004, Dotruce said: ‘I can't imagine making movies would have been half as much fun without him.

‘While I was Victorian proper and wouldn't let myself get dirty or muddy, Matthew had a great sense of fun and danger. He was a daredevil and could have been a race car driver. And he did live a full life over his 21 years.’

After Mary Poppins, Dotrice continued acting in film, television and theatre until she retired in 1984 to focus on motherhood. She has continued to provide commentary for various Disney projects and to make public appearances.


Via Digital Spy