At some point, someone is going to have sit major studio executives down and get them to chill on the whole nostalgia buzz.

Sure, we can all understand how it makes sense for business. There's the usual mantra of "audience recognition" and "nostalgia dollar" and so on, but you're eventually going to hit a point when you'll run out of stuff to turn into films or you'll get into the region of ridiculousness.

We can feel pretty confident and say that the Furby Movie isn't just in the region of ridiculousness, it's the region's capital and population centre. It basically is ridiculousness personified. Those weird furry things that talked and would go off in the middle of the night? They're making a film out of it, thanks to Bob Weinstein.

Hasbro executive and not the snooker player Stephen Davis believes that a Furby film can work and that Bob Weinstein's the guy to do it. "We think that this can resonate as a four-quadrant film," Davis said at the recent American Film Market. "It can't just be a 90-minute commercial."

You're absolutely right it can't, Not-Steve Davis. Still, that will probably not stop you from insisting that whatever animation director you get to do this include some kind of product placement for Furby in there somewhere. Hell, it's not like Bob Weinstein gives a crap about making a decent film. He was responsible for getting Pulp Fiction made, he doesn't need to justify sh*t to anyone.

So, a Furby film. That's pretty much it, isn't it? We had the Pez Dispenser film, so who knows, a Tamagotchi film can't be far behind.