Rumours are rife that Noah Centineo might be up for the role of 80's cartoon character He-Man in an upcoming live-action movie.

Sony Pictures and Mattel Films are moving forward with their 'Masters of the Universe' live-action movie, and who they are currently eyeing for the role of He-Man has split opinions.

In case you've forgotten who He-Man is (or are too young to know), he was the main character of a beloved 80's cartoon. 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' involves a rag-tag team lead by himself, who battle their nemesis Skeletor in a far away mystical land.

Here is said cartoon's opening credits in all its 80's glory.


This isn't the first time that a live-action version of the cartoon has been in development either; there was also a 1987 release starring Dolph Lundgren as the titular hero, and Frank Langella as Skeletor. Courtney Cox even played a role. While the movie at the time might have fulfilled every fanboy's dream, the less said about the box-office bomb, the better.

Now, with a new rehash in development, it has become apparent that Noah Centineo, he of Netflix's 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' fame, is up for the lead role. And fans of the original cartoon are a bit worried.

Some say he's too skinny.


He's also younger than everyone who's watched the original series as a child, at only 22 years old.

Alexander Skarsgård isn't a bad shout.

Die-hard fans are not one bit happy.


But Centineo has charm, we'll give him that.


And some are just happy that a He-Man movie is on the cards at all.


Details on the plot of the movie are unknown at the moment, and it's all just speculation.


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