The 'Harry Potter' franchise is its own mythical beast that just keeps on giving. This week, we rank the top 10 best characters from the movies that we absolutely loathe.

10 - Quirinus Quirrell

The first baddie Harry Potter faced turned out to have a rather interesting reason to hate the title character so much - he had Lord Voldemort on the back of his bloody head. Always playing his meekest character traits to a T, Quirrell deserves a spot on our list for that reveal that nobody saw coming (or wanted to see, to be quite frank).

Most memorable moment: When that turban comes off...

9 - Argus Filch

At first, Filch was quite the adversary for Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts - the caretaker and his loyal cat Mrs. Norris proved to be an annoying presence for the youths. However as the films went on, the Squib donned more of a comedic role, one that you almost felt sorry for. Also, his best friend is a cat - which isn't very menacing.

Most memorable moment: When Mrs. Norris gets petrified.

8 - Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter is known to leave a bit of a nasty taste in your mouth after an encounter with her - and we'd expect nothing less from a journalist who will do anything for the full scoop. As great as her presence is in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', we wish she had been fleshed out more in the films that followed, as she is in the books.

Most memorable moment: Her interview with Harry in a broom cupboard.

Ria "Quick-Quotes Quill" Skeeter

7 - Gilderoy Lockhart

This pompous, arrogant, and credit-stealing wizard rightfully deserves a spot on our list. Why Lockhart ever took a place at Hogwarts still baffles us (must have cost Dumbledore a fortune), because it was the beginning of his downfall. Students can tell if you're bullshitting, and bullshitting is Lockhart's game. Although providing some much-needed moments of comedic value to 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', the celebrity professor met his end by using Ron's banjaxed wand.

Most memorable moment: Duelling against Snape at the Duelling Club.

6 - The Dursleys

Being Harry's nemeses for seven books, 8 movies, and 17 years of their lives is no easy feat; but that's exactly what the Dursley's family are. If you're ever struggling with your own family at home, just think -  have they ever made you sleep in a broom cupboard under the stairs? Or how about putting prison bars up on your bedroom window? Or maybe they've never given you a coat hanger and some old socks for your birthday? If pettiness is what you're after, then the Dursleys are your family. It's no wonder Harry blew up Aunt Marge.

Most memorable moment: When all of the letters arriving becomes too much for Uncle Vernon.

5 - Bellatrix Lestrange

Nothing says bad-ass like a beehive hair-do, a killer witches cackle, and a penchant for anarchy, and the only one with all three is Bellatrix Lestrange. Without her, the 'Harry Potter' franchise would not have as many memorable scenes. She's got style, and a terrifyingly unique way of stealing every scene she appears in.

Most memorable moment: Torturing Hermione at Malfoy Manor.

4 - Lord Voldemort

Oh right, this guy. To be honest, every time you see this guy on screen, it's actually kind of a great moment. Sure he's the ultimate bad guy, but you can't help but think - what's old Voldy going to do next? Kill some innocent bystanders? Create some Horcruxes? Come back to life in the slickest way ever? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would have placed higher on our list, if he weren't so goddamn cool.

Most memorable moment: His graveyard resurrection.

Voldemort makes going bald look cool.

3 - The Malfoys

From day one, we're introduced to one of the most narcissistic families that has ever made their way to the big screen. The Malfoy's love for pure-breeds and the dark arts just proves that this family is going to be a never-ending struggle for Harry Potter and his friends on their journey. Not only does Draco often appear at unwanted times at Hogwarts, but Lucius manages to stick his nose into affairs at the ministry, belittling Arthur Weasley's work too. A rather hateful bunch, this family.

Most memorable moment: Lucius' reaction when Dobby is given a sock; Draco breaking Harry's nose on the Hogwarts Express.

2 - Severus Snape

Faithful to the very end, throughout the series we never truly knew where Snape's loyalty lied. Snape was, depending on the scenario, always just two steps ahead or two steps behind our famous trio. His character proved that a hardy, greasy exterior can sometimes reveal one of the most broken of hearts you could possibly ever read on the pages of a book. He and Alan Rickman will live on as one of the best 'Harry Potter' characters to ever be created. Always.

Most memorable moment: Those nasty Occlumency lessons with Harry.

1 - Dolores Umbridge

Casting Imelda Staunton as the most loathsome character that has ever existed in a franchise was a stroke of genius. Not only does the appearance of Umbridge on screen make you squirm and hope that you never meet a person as cat-like or rule-abiding in your lifetime; she's also a ruthless figure that will stop at nothing to get her pink-ish way. Without a doubt, Umbridge is the vilest character in the 'Harry Potter' franchise, and could give Darth Vader and Sauron a run for their money.

Most memorable moment: Interrogating the Hogwarts professors on their teaching abilities.

Umbridge and her cronies taking down Dumbledore's Army