UFC fighter and star of the new A-Team movie, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson has said that he thinks "acting is kinda gay."

In typically abrasive form, the fighter, who was beaten by points on Saturday night by Rashad Evans in his first fight in over a year, spewed this to The LA Times: "(Acting) makes you soft," he said. "You got all these people combing your hair and putting a coat over your shoulders when you're cold. I don't want a coat over my shoulders! I'm a tough-ass motherf**ker!" He then added, "Vancouver (where they shot the movie) strikes me as a San Francisco kind of place, and I don't want motherf**kers getting ideas about me. I feel in my heart I'm the toughest motherf**ker on the planet. And I don't want nothing changing my train of thought. If you don't believe that when we step inside the ring it shows." Are you gonna argue with him?

Anyone who has seen Jackson coaching on The Ultimate Fighter, or watched his pre and post fight interviews will testify to him as being a bit of a character. In Hollywood, where folk rarely cross that PC line, Jackson just sprinted across it and breakdanced - we're sure this interview gave his publicist a heartattack. The A-Team is released in America next week, and here in early July.