One of the more infuriating things about 'Spectre' was how just about everyone involved tried to deny that Christoph Waltz's character wasn't Ernst Stavro Blofeld on the run-up.

In fact, the reveal in the movie itself was dulled by the fact that you could see it coming a mile off - so why even have it in the first place? Lo and behold, it looks like the same thing is happening yet again with Rami Malek and his role. Of course, officially, his role is credited to a character called 'Safin', but it seems all but a virtual certainty that he'll be playing the role of Doctor Julius No.

'Dr. No' was, of course, the first Bond villain in the franchise and was played by Joseph Wiseman in the 1962 classic. When asked about the rumours by Total Film in an upcoming interview in the magazine however, Rami Malek gave a curious answer that neither confirmed nor denied them.

"I would never shoot something like that down," Malek said, adding that he found the rumours to be "intriguing." That's exactly what a Bond villain would say. When asked, then, what movies he watched to prepare for the role, Malek answered that he watched only one - 'Dr. No.'

For one, it would make complete sense. After all, Blofeld and Dr. No - in the novels, anyway - were aware of one another. Not only that, seeing as how 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace', 'Skyfall' and then 'Spectre' were all linked together by classic villains, it'd make sense to go back to the start with Dr. No.

'No Time To Die' will be released in Irish cinemas on November 12th.