Fresh off her best director Oscar nomination for 'Promising Young Woman', Emerald Fennell has landed a major gig. She'll be penning 'Zatanna' for Warner Bros. and DC films.

Emerald Fennell is also an actress and would be most recognisable to audiences for 'The Crown', in which she portrayed Camilla Bowles last season. She was a showrunner on season 2 of 'Killing Eve'.

Fennell won Outstanding Original Screenplay for 'Promising Young Woman' at the Writers Guild of America awards last weekend. She also won the Critics' Choice Award for Best Original Screenplay.

The character who she'll be adapting for the big screen, Zatanna Zatara, is a magician and considered one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC universe.

She is the daughter of magician and alchemist Giovanni "John" Zatara and Sindella, a member of the mystical Homo Magi race.

She grows up in a small house near Arkham Asylum in New York with her father after the apparent death of her mother.

Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson created the character. She was also a part of the Justice League in the comics.

This is the character's first franchise appearance, having previously been played by Serinda Swan in later seasons of 'Smallville'.

The role has not been case for the movie just yet.

Emerald Fennell is the first British woman to be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards.

'Promising Young Woman' is coming exclusively to Sky Cinema and streaming service NOW from 16 April. It is also nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress for Carey Mulligan.

Check out our interview with Emerald Fennell and Carey Mulligan for 'Promising Young Woman' in the video above.