Production on the sequel to surprise box office smash, Magic Mike, hilariously entitled, Magic Mike XXL has begun with the first shot posted from the set.

Now, strangely enough, but not really for Steven Soderbergh, he won't direct this time, instead working as director of photography, camera operator and film editor. Directing duties will fall to his longtime AD and then producer, Gregory Jacobs - he did also produce the original. Soderbergh uses a different name as DOP (hence the 'Peter Andrews' on the clapper board) as the union won't allow him credit for shooting his, or other peoples, movies.



The first Magic Mike made a fortune at the domestic box office, and was penned by star Channing Tatum, who managed to get the likes of Matthew McConaughey to work for very little as the film came in for a staggeringly low $5 million budget.


McConaughey isn't listed as being a player in the sequel, but Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello all return.